NextVerse FAQ and everything you need to know: You asked, we answered!

6 min readJan 6, 2022

From when to how and why everything you need to know about NEXTVERSE

Note: This article will constantly be updated whenever new questions are to be answered.

Q. Can you tell me more about NextVerse? Is NextVerse an NFT game?

NextVerse is not a GameFI project but much more than that. In our vision, NextVerse is a Social-oriented Metaverse with ambitions to become social network 3.0. In other words, this is A VR-ready open space that allows users to present themselves, having immersive communication and own assets by daily activities.

Q. What is the roadmap of NextVerse? I want to look at what NextVerse will do in the future?

Here is the crucial milestone we will do in 2022:

Q1 2022

Public sale and DEX, CEX listing

Land presale opening

Open Beta version release

Launch plan: Staking Tokens

Launch plan: Marketplace

Q2. 2022

Land sale opening

Experience VR in the protected room

Launch plan: Career System

Launch plan: Pet Sale

Q3. 2022

Applying VR technology

Launch plan: Dating

Launch plan: Governance Through DAO

Launch plan: Hall of Fame

Q4 2022

Opening more cities and planets

Launch plan: Content and NTF item creation

Launch plan: Lucky Games

Launch plan: Real-life Event Hosting

Q. How can I invest in seed and private funding round of NextVerse?

Due to allocation limitations, we have now closed the waiting list for the seed and private funding round at the moment, unfortunately.

Q. When will NextVerse launch a public sale round / IDO?

Our public sale round / IDO will launch in Q1 2022. Stay tuned for a specific timeline, which we will soon reveal.

Q. NextVerse will do IDO/IGO on which launchpad platform?

We will do IDO on GameFi and RedKite on Q1 2022.

Q. Ok then. So how to get whitelisted?

Once you’ve found an upcoming IDO you’d like to participate in, the next step is for you to get whitelisted, meaning your address will be eligible to participate in the IDO. Each project will have a bucket of addresses from which they will randomly choose a smaller group of addresses to become whitelisted. With NextVerse, we will reveal several ways to become eligible for whitelisting when our IDO date is nearing.

Q. I want to see NextVerse’s whitepaper, but I can’t find it? So where is it?

We were not satisfied with the old whitepaper, so we removed it from the website and working on a new one which will be posted soon. In the meantime, you can learn more about our project through our pitch deck here:

Q. Where is the tokenomics of NextVerse? I want to see NVER’s allocation, but I can’t find it on your website.

Please visit this link to see a larger, sharper version of this image:

Q. Do I need to invest money to join NextVerse?

The answer is NO. Thanks to our unique FREE-TO-PLAY & PLAY-TO-EARN model, everyone can freely experience NextVerse without the initial cost. In our metaverse, players will do several in-game tasks to earn tokens, buy and sell NFT items, and connect with other players.

Q. What is the token of NextVerse? and how many types of tokens does NextVerse have?

NextVerse has two types of tokens: NEVER and NOXY.

NVER (Token DAO): Players receive multi-function management DAO tokens through staking NOXY tokens into the system. This type of token is used to participate in decisions about in-game features, hold important in-game positions, and allow players to distribute, buy, and sell land through the holding rate.

NOXY (in-game currency): It is tokens that players receive through Play2Earn activities and use for in-game features such as upgrading items, buying and selling goods, using services, participating in social activities, playing several lucky games, etc.

Q. What is the total supply of NVER and NOXY?

The total supply of NVER is 1.000.000 (1 billion). With NOXY, this token has an infinite supply.

Q. Where and how can I buy the token?

You can buy our NVER token when we list on severals DEX and CEX in Q1 2022.

Q. What is the NextVerses’s Official Token Contract?

Since it’s still a long time before NextVerse starts rolling out, we apologize for not being able to reveal the address of NVER’s token contract at this time.

Simply put, the token contract of NextVerse will soon be revealed by us on our website / social channels one day before we list NVER on DEX. If you see the supposed NVER token contract address somewhere right now, it belongs to a scam token, impersonating NextVerse.

Q. What is the starting price on DEX (like PancakeSwap)

The starting price when listing on PancakeSwap will be 1 NVER = $0.01.

Q. On which blockchain did NextVerse launch?

The Nextverse token will launch on Binance Smart Chain. However, we are big believers in the multi-chain paradigm, so that we will be targeting more protocols in the future.

Q. How can I play to earn with NextVerse? What will NextVerse’s economy look like?

It is like a real-life economic system, allowing players to have many options to increase their income, including doing a job in the career system, performing daily tasks, participating in events and social activities. If players own land, they can also build a company, open a shop or lease land to other players.

By owning DAO tokens, players can participate in governance, contribute to the transparency of the in-game economy and the ecosystem, vote on deciding features, eliminate human errors, and disallow any manipulation.

The mission of NextVerse is to build a virtual space universe where players, also co-creators of the game, can freely explore and conquer a new world, invest profitably through a sustainable and healthy economy that limits inflation and devaluation.

Q. I want to learn more about NextVerse. Where can I find the information?

Of course, the best place to learn more about NextVerse will be our website Besides, you can join our social channels to be receiving the latest information about NextVerse. Please check out here:

Telegram Announcement Group:
Telegram Community:
Facebook Page:

Q. I heard that you are developing NextVerse to become Social Network 3.0. Can you elaborate more on what’s new in Social Network 3.0 (Nextverse) compared to existing social networks?

There are several reasons why we are doing this now.

Firstly, we foresee that social network users will need a proper way to communicate with each other on social networks, not only by text, video, image, but they also need a new way of remote communication that makes them present and immersed.

Secondly, VR and 3D technology have been developed significantly in recent years, and it’s almost ready for commercialization now, making general users able to afford the devices. And lastly, the metaverse is a trend and a movement, so there is no reason why we are not doing it.

The terminology is defined by ourselves, so definitely, it hasn’t been mentioned anywhere else before. We use that term to distinguish between the metaverse that we will build with the social networks that people already have. This Social Network 3.0 featured immersive communications and users’ ownership.

This article will constantly be updated whenever new questions are to be answered.




An Social-Oriented metaverse project with ambitions to become Social Network 3.0