The leading youth fashion brand in Vietnam joins the next-gen metaverse of NextVerse.

3 min readDec 22, 2021

Boo — one of the leading fashion brands for young people in Vietnam with a series of store chains across the country, has expressed its intention to bring its products to NextVerse — a metaverse project of VerseHub.

Since Facebook’s Meta announcement, “metaverse” has quickly become one of the most searched keywords in the crypto world. With the ambition to build a virtual world that can replace the Internet, many big tech companies in Silicon Valley have expressed their interest in building in the metaverse.

More notably, even big fashion industry players do not want to stay out of this movement. Adidas Originals launched its first NFTs collection, including virtual wearables for the blockchain-based gaming world The Sandbox and other platforms, to dive into Web3 and the metaverse. Nike also has joined the wave of brands buying into excitement over virtual goods as the sportswear giant announced it had accepted RTFKT, a company that makes digital sneakers. This can also be considered a new trend of the global fashion industry when traditional fashion products are made into NFTs to become unique items in the metaverse.

In Vietnam, a country that leads in crypto adoption, many fashion brands also show particular interest in the potential of the metaverse. Most recently, BOO — one of the leading street fashion brands for young people in Vietnam with a series of store chains across the country, has expressed its intention to bring its products to the metaverse.

According to insiders, BOO will partner with VerseHub to digitize traditional products. They will get them into the metaverse through the NextVerse, which VerseHub is developing. This partnership includes transforming BOO fashion items into unique NFT items that are unlike any other and cannot be duplicated in the world of NextVerse.

“As one of the fashion brands that always put creativity first, BOO wants to continue to challenge and renew itself when becoming one of the first in Vietnam to set foot on the metaverse — the hottest movement right now,” Mr. Do Viet Anh, CEO of BOO confirmed when asked about cooperation with VerseHub.

“This will be a new campaign with bold creativity, showing the prominence and breakthrough of BOO that we hope to create in the world of NextVerse,” said Mr. Viet Anh.

Meanwhile, Mr.Canh Ho, co-founder and CTO of NextVerse believe that this partnership will create a new push for the market and trigger the metaverse explosion.

About VerseHub and NextVerse

VerseHub has its key members in London and Vietnam with years of research and development experience in blockchain, Web3, VR/AR technologies. After the project got kicked off in mid-2020, VerseHub attracted attention by receiving a 1 million dollar investment from a group of investors led by GameFi.

According to the startup, NextVerse’s orientation is to create a blockchain-based social network. They also want to bring real-world experiences to metaverse users through multiple platforms, from desktops, mobiles to VR devices.

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